25th annual Salute to American Veterans Rally

Returns to Cripple Creek

August 18 - 20, 2017


Thank you  ALL  for your support of this spectacular event!

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"Cripple Creek Becomes Sacred Ground"   story by Tim Anderson

"When Veteran's Day just isn't enough"   story by Lisa Price Waltman

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Patriot Guard at the '07 eventWelcome to the official
Salute to American Veterans
Rally & Festival© web site.

Our goal is to provide visitors with information & entertainment honoring this spectacular yearly event.


The mission of the Salute to American Veterans Rally Committee and our annual event can be summed up in five simple but meaningful words:


DUTY: We personally feel that planning and executing this annual event is our duty. While many of us, myself included, have never served our Great Nation in the Armed Forces, this is our way to give back. While the debt of gratitude that we owe to every United States Veteran - both living and passed on, can NEVER be repaid, this gathering is one small effort to show how much we appreciate your sacrifices to our Nation, and our freedom. This is our mission.

HONOR: To honor the memories of every fallen Veteran from the revolutionary War to the present day. To Honor ALL living Veterans. To honor all Active Duty Military Members. To Honor our Flag - the symbol of our nation, and to Honor our Country, the greatest in the world. This is our mission.

CAMARADERIE: To create a time and a place for Veterans to gather together and share the experiences and feelings that only Veterans can understand. Also, to create a venue in which patriotic Americans can convey their appreciation, support and respect to Living Veterans and to the families of the fallen. This is our mission.

RESPECT: To show respect to our Flag, Our Country, to each other and most importantly to those who protect what is dear to us. This is our mission.

FREEDOM: Freedom is the life-blood of America. For many, the Motorcycle is the embodiment of Freedom, giving the rider the ability to go where they want, when they want with few restrictions. Like an Eagle flying Free, the feeling is without compromise. Freedom is a precious gift to be cherished, honored, relished and respected. The gift of freedom is one that most will never enjoy, as they are forbidden by tyrants and dictators who hate freedom and despise those who have it. The Gift of freedom comes with a very high price: It is paid for with the blood of Hundreds of Thousands of United States Veterans, and with the tears and anguish of their families. So precious is the gift of freedom that taking it for granted is unthinkable, outrageous, and nearly a sin. So we gather here, to honor, remember and respect those who pay the price for OUR FREEDOM, but also, to CELEBRATE that freedom. Celebrating our freedom: This is our mission.

God Bless America.


Vets Rally: Documentary Clip


a 3 minute excerpt from "The Journey Home" DVD

2015 Vets Rally video


Veterans Rally Video

Watch this awesome 9 minute video which will give you a taste of what the Vets Rally is all about.

"The INTRODUCTION" - by Danny Barton


I have attended and shot my camera at the last eight "Salute to American Veterans" motorcycle rallies. I am drawn to the event naturally as I am a biker and a veteran.

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Memorial Highway


We always look forward to the yearly Veteran's ride to Cripple Creek, Co.  This past Tuesday a sign has been installed west of Cave of the Winds entrance reading "Spc. Rob Lee Nichols Memorial Highway."

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Veterans Rally Receives Honors video


KRDO TV's "Red Friday Hero" Award recognizes Colorado's "Salute to American Veterans Rally" as an outstanding show of support and healing.

A brief glimpse of the 2013 Vets Rally video



Highway 67 between Divide and Cripple Creek is now the "POW~MIA MEMORIAL HIGHWAY" Thanks to all those who had a hand in making this happen!

POW/MIA Recognition Ride


Colorado’s largest procession of motorcycles celebrates 30 YEARS!

POW/MIA Recognition Ride Rolling Strong for 30 Years!


When motorcyclists ride away from Woodland Park High School and onto US Highway 24 on August 19, 2017, they‘ll be continuing a journey began 30 years ago with the blast of drag pipes, a bit of attitude, and a heartfelt mission in mind.
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CVMA Vets Poker Run


Official 2016 Rally Merchandise


Here's your last chance to get some 2016 Rally merchandise.  Hurry... it won't last long so Call us with your order!


We have a few Red Friday “Support Our Troops” t-shirts left over for $10 each plus shipping. Sizes: 6-XL ONLY!

Call the office to order M-F 9-5pm  719 487-8005


Challenge Coins

Check out these Challenge Coins we've received.

challenge coins

"This event is hands-down the most impressive show of support for Active Duty Military, Veteran's and POW-MIA I have ever been a part of. Please go out and show your support and have a great time. Whether you've served or not, whether you ride or not, you will be overwhelmed by the outpouring of support at this event!"

Ed Wise - USAF Ret.

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"The WALL" returns!


Ever since it was unveiled, the low, black wall that is the Vietnam War Memorial has been a powerful presence, having a profound effect on nearly everyone who visits it.
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“The Salute to American Veterans Rally is a veritable explosion of good old-fashioned patriotism! The Rally attendees welcomed every veteran of every war with equal enthusiasm and support.

If you aren’t proud to be an American when you arrive, you will be when you leave!”

– Joseph L. Galloway co-author: “We Were Soldiers Once... and Young” and nationally syndicated military columnist

When Veteran's Day Just Isn't Enough

By Lisa Price Waltman
Thunder Roads Colorado

It all began due to a lack of understanding and proper respect. One date in November and one Memorial Day in May simply didn't cut it. So, 25 years ago, The Salute to American Veterans Rally and Festival was born with a whopping 15 bikers in attendance. Year by year, one biker here, another ten bikers there, the numbers began to grow as did the overdue understanding and proper respect for the service and sacrifice of our American veterans.

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