• 2019 Donation:

    Veterans 4 Veterans

    A $2,000 check was presented to the Vets 4 Vets Metro Denver crew by the 2019 Rally.  The Rally donated an additional $1,325 to Vets 4 Vets Southern Colorado.

  • 2019 Donation:

    Rodney Hendrickson

    Rodney Hendrickson is a Desert Storm veteran and an amputee, and the Rally presented $1,500 to assist Rodney in getting his car fitted with hand controls so he can drive again.

    Additionally, the Rally Committee presented $800 to the Pueblo POW/MIA Memorial.

  • 2019 Donation:

    Elliott Robbins Jr.

    The 2019 Rally earmarked a $2,500 donation for the son of Elliott Robbins, a Green Beret soldier killed just before the 2019 Rally.  Pictured left to right is Carl Anderson from the Ute Pass Kiwanis Club, Colt Simmons, Teller County Assessor, and Rich Ingold of American Legion Post 171 in Cripple Creek.

  • 2018 Donation:

    Veterans 4 Veterans

    The 2018 Rally presented a $3,000 check to the organizers of Vets 4 Vets, a group of United States Veteran motorcycling organizations who work closely with the Pikes Peak Coalition for Homeless Veterans to keep homeless vets off the streets.

  • 2017 Donation:

    Eric V. Dickson Memorial

    Eric V. Dickson was Teller County's only casualty of the Vietnam War, and a memorial fountain dedicated to Dickson in 1969 was vandalized beyond repair in 1976. The 2017 Rally donated 100% of its silent auction proceeds toward the construction of a new memorial, and the project was unveiled in 2018 by the American Legion Eric V. Dickson Post #1980.

  • 2016 Donation:

    Andrew & Laren Smith

    In early 2016, Andrew Smith found himself in a predicament where his house in Cripple Creek had been deemed "unlivable" by government building codes, and Andrew was unable to make the necessary repairs to his home. The Rally donated to the cause via the American Legion, contributing to an organization of 65 volunteers and more than 200 donors who helped Andrew rebuild his home for himself and his son Laren. Read the full story

  • 2015 Donation:

    Veterans 4 Veterans

    The 2015 Rally presented a $3,000 check to the organizers of Vets 4 Vets, a group of United States Veteran motorcycling organizations who work closely with the Pikes Peak Coalition for Homeless Veterans to keep homeless vets off the streets.

  • 2014 Donation:

    Chris & Tina Smith

    Via a request from American Military Family, the Rally donated $1,000 to the Smith family in 2014. After being diagnosed as terminally ill, Chris Smith had his VA medical benefits stalled and he and Tina struggled to make basic ends meet. Chris passed away in early April of 2015.

  • 2013 Donation:

    Glen Burningham

    The 2013 Rally made a $1,000 donation to Staff Sergeant Glen Burningham of the 10th Special Forces Group and his wife Stephanie. Their then-18-month-old daughter is a victim of a rare spinal disorder that will render her bedridden for life, and the Rally's donation will go toward her medical expenses.

  • 2012 Donation:

    Aspen Mine Senior Ctr.

    The 2012 Rally presented a $3,000 check to the Aspen Mine Senior Center to assist local veterans in paying their utility bills during an exceptionally harsh winter.

  • 2011 Donation:

    Sean M. Terry

    Rally Committee Chairman Stu Sacks presented a $1,000 check to members of the Devil Dogs MC Club in 2011. Terry is a member of the Devil Dogs MC who was recently Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of the upper lymph nodes, and Esophageal Adeno-Carcinoma. The Marine had been struggling to support his family and cover monthly bills, and the Rally provided support for his medical and day-to-day expenses.

  • 2010 Donation:

    Homestead House

    Cripple Creek's Old Homestead House museum unveiled its "Adopt A Brick" program in 2010, and the Rally was among the first donors, contributing $1,000 to assist the museum in preserving rich local history.

  • 2009 Donation:

    Homes for our Troops

    In 2009, the Rally Committee presented a check of $1,138 to Matt & Tracy Keil of the Homes for our Troops organization, a charity dedicated to constructing houses for veterans in need.

  • 2000 Donation:

    James L. "Bud" Jeffery

    James L. "Bud" Jeffery served in World War II in 76th Infantry Division, as part of the Third Army under General George S. Patton. Bud recieved nine medals for honor and valor from France, Luxembourg, and Belgium, in addition to eight American medals including a purple heart. Of the 38 men of the 354th Field Artillery, Bud was one of just nine who survived the war. Bud is the conductor of the tourist train in Cripple Creek and he and his wife Laura are dedicated to preserving local history. The 2000 Rally donated a check of $1,100 to Bud and Laura.

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