2016 Accolades & Testimonials

As far as the rally goes I would start with Wow!! Sometimes as a Soldier of 27 years I tend to forget that there are so many Veterans in our community, and although a lot of people say nice things and proclaim their support to our veterans sometimes it just seems like lip service. I do not believe in my 27 years I have ever felt the pride and appreciation America has for it’s veterans until I attended the 2016 Salute to American Veterans Rally. It was one of my favorite experiences here in Colorado and the appreciation was sincere I believe our Veterans were given as much respect and admiration as I have ever seen.

It was a tremendous honor to attend the First class event and I will encourage as many Veterans as I can to attend. I received a shot in the arm which renewed my commitment and pride of service to our Country to defend the liberties of the wonderful people of Colorado if for nobody else! Thanks again for the opportunity and God Bless you! Your community and the United States of America!

Thomas J. Parsley
4ID DIVARTY, Command Sergeant Major




Words can't express my surprise, thanks and appreciation for the gift of the cutlass you presented to me at the Veterans day rally.

It was a well chosen gift. I will show it off to my friends often calling attention to the inscription.

The way you plan and execute the rally leaves nothing to be desired.

Appreciate you much.

Jim Downing



Thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in such an extraordinary event! The 24th Salute to American Veterans Rally and Festival was truly inspirational and I won't soon forget the experience, the people I met and the friends that I made this weekend. The sight of so many American Patriots supporting our POW/MIA's and veterans was humbling. The stirring speeches and presentations of honor were motivating. The level of enthusiasm and support from the people of Cripple Creek, Colorado and the local area was second to none. The team of organizers brought out the best of America through their efforts and I had chills as I spoke to this great crowd of every race, creed and color united with the firm resolve of standing together as one nation, one community, one people under God indivisible with freedom and justice for all. Leaving there I stood a little taller with the confidence of knowing that those of us who serve or who have served have not done so in vain but rather the American Spirit is alive and well! I have no doubt everyone who participated in this rally had a similar experience and returned to their communities proud to be American's and ready to serve in every capacity. I look forward to returning next year. WELL DONE!

Semper Fidelis,
Colonel Don Davis, USMC


Once again the Salute to American Veterans Rally demonstrated why it is the best event of its kind in the U.S. No other veterans event is as thoughtful and inspires such strong patriotic feelings as this awesome rally in the historic town of Cripple Creek. Thanks to the great leaders, businessmen, and citizens of Cripple Creek; the Pro-Promotion staff; and Jim and Pam Wear for hosting such an amazing rally. We truly enjoyed ourselves this year and look forward to riding up from Texas next year.

Colonel (R) Mike Kasales
United States Army


We were awe struck by the entire event. We left inspired and proud to be part of it. Remember, my 80 year old dad, a Korean war era vet said that he could “die a happy man” after experiencing the rally. He also said “this wasn’t on my bucket list, but I just added it and checked the block for a once in a life time thrill as a veteran. He was so proud that people were thanking him for his service as he dawned his Korea veterans cap purchased at the Rally. I quote “I can’t believe that an Active duty Marine Colonel in full dress blues with all those ribbons would thank me, an simple Airman, for my service. This place, these people are incredible – I can die a happy man”

Thanks for including us!!! See you next year!

Colonel (R) Bob McLaughlin


"The 24th annual Salute to American Veterans was the most patriotic event we have attended all year! Seeing the nearly 4,000 motorcyclists roaring down Bennett Avenue in honor of our veterans makes us stop and remember the ultimate sacrifices they have made for us. Jim and Pam Wear and Pro-Promotions are steadfast in their commitment to American Veterans each year as they present the Rally and Festival. We were honored to be a part of the Remembrance Ceremony this year and in particular the Memorial Plaque dedication to Commander M. Philip Long. His memory now lives on In Cripple Creek!"

Lou and Laura Mellini


As a Veteran, country music artist and biker myself, I've attended and performed at dozens of rallies supporting my brothers and sisters in arms. This rally was truly one of the best I've had the honor to be part of. Jim Wear and his support team take extreme pride in creating and executing not just Veteran supporting bike rally, but a life changing experience. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

Be safe!

Ryan Weaver


Hello Jim - Rode the POW-MIA Ride and attended the rally for the first time yesterday. All I can say is Wow! What an outstanding way to honor those who have given so much for us. I myself am not a veteran but on behalf of the many members of my family who were and are veterans I just want to say Thank You. The ceremonies at noon were fabulous and I must bring my Navy veteran father next year.

Rayburn Crane


"I have personally attended the Rally many times. But this year, to attend as a representative of the Honor Bell Foundation and participate in the POW/MIA Ceremony was especially moving. While the Rally is always fun, when the ceremony begins, the feeling of camaraderie and patriotism is palpable. It was a privilege for us to toll Colorado's first Honor Bell in memory of those lost, but not forgotten; and especially to do so in front of your dignified guests and the Rally attendees. Everyone we spoke to felt the significance of the bell and its role in honoring veterans. Thank you for inviting us to participate; we look forward to doing so again for years to come."

Michelle Mallin
Chief of Staff
Honor Bell Foundation


Thank you Jim. Always and uplifting and emotional event. Several time I found that I'd sprung spontaneous leaks

Dean Fouquet


The whole event was truly amazing. The speeches were awe inspiring. We need a lot more Americans like that.

Tim Taylor


Dear Jim,

This was the most heartwarming Veteran’s event I have ever attended. Thank you so very much for what you and your team have done to honor veterans for the last 29 years. I am sorry to say this was my first time to attend but will not be my last.

I felt it to be very well organized with feeling and empathy from all with “boots on the ground”.

Thank you for allowing us to communicate through Bob McLaughlin our Beacon of Hope, Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence.

Above all, thank you for being able to communicate Phil Long’s legacy. Like many other WWII Veterans, his service certainly was deserving of the recognition.

Jim, this community owes you a debt of gratitude for all you have done on behalf of our veterans.

Jay Cimino
Marine Corps veteran
President/CEO Phil Long Dealerships



The Salute to American Veterans is THE most impressive rally that I have ridden in, to include Rolling Thunder. Although Rolling Thunder is much larger, this event had a more personal touch when it comes to honoring our Veterans, their service and their impact on our Nation.

The venue here in Colorado is second to none from the actual scenic ride in the Colorado mountains to the fantastic support from the town of Cripple Creek and the professional planning and execution of the even by the Pro Promotions staff.

It was an absolute honor for my Command Sergeant Major and I to ride and participate in this event.


COL Ron Fitch
Garrison Commander
4th Infantry Division - US Army
Fort Carson, CO



The Salute to American Veterans Rally at Cripple Creek was blast! Every year we participate, I am moved by the pure patriotism of those that attend each August. The thousands of motorcycles rumbling through town with flags whipping behind them will leave you with the kind of goosebumps you get when someone sings the Star-Spangled Banner. This year’s special guests and the honored veterans were remarkable and we’re thankful to have been able to hear their stories and celebrate their service. For those that have yet to experience this event, start making your plans for 2017…there is no other event that focuses whole-heartedly on the service of veterans, attending this rally and seeing the care and celebration of POW/MIA and veterans will make you proud to be an American. Special thanks to Jim & Pam Wear and the Pro-Promotions staff for hosting such an honorable event and we can’t wait to return with more friends from Texas!

Mary Kasales



Thank you for a great weekend from all of the POWs, widows, and their families!

What a great celebration honoring the Veterans again this year. I do believe it is more appreciated than ever! We, as a country, need to do more to encourage our nation and it takes special people like you to lead us. The applause from the spectators was intense and heart felt. Your speakers spoke volumes and I believe each one had a message of hope and pride in our nation and this is so needed.

Jim, you speak from your heart and the closing comments are always great but this year was the greatest. People need to hear your comments and I believe you help us to see what we need to do to help spread the good word. Thanks.

With Love,
Ruth Sheaves and Pat Thompson


The Salute to American Veterans Rally in Cripple Creek, CO is an event that every God*Fearing, Freedom*Loving, Flag*Waving PATRIOT should attend at least once in their lifetime!

I wasn't really sure what to expect, after all, Cripple Creek is merely a speck on the map of Colorado. For riders and travelers alike, the views from the highways and byways around Cripple Creek are absolutely breathtaking! Swaddled by beautiful mountain peaks and green prairies, this little town nestles itself among some of America's most beautiful landscapes.

The real beauty during this event, however, is found within this historic little mountain town itself... It's the people of this small town, as well as all of those who have traveled far and wide, who come together to show their love, support and honor towards the men and women who have sacrificed for this great nation of ours. They are Bikers, Veterans, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and Citizens of all types, standing as one for the sacred sacrifices our nation has had to endure to maintain its freedom. Together...they are Patriots...Without labels or badges...just the absolute truest form of what America is...Today they are all Americans.

At the heart and soul of this event is my new found friend and fellow "Freedom Fighter", Jim Wear. He brings out the best in people and puts on one amazing event! I was honored to sing The National Anthem at the opening ceremonies for countless War Heroes and special guests. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to sing for such an amazing group in such a beautiful location all while being surrounded by people who love this nation as much as I. The event as a whole is a true testament of what is still great about America... It's her natural beauty, it's the freedom we hold dear, it's the people who still care and its guys like Jim Wear who bring it all together.

Thanks again for having me Guys!

In Faith and Arms, God Bless Ya!
Dave & Becky Bray


Been attending this rally since the very first one. This year was one of the best yet. The Rally Committee has done a great job putting these together over the years. Meeting John “Tig” Tiegen was the best part. Got him to sign my book "13 Hours." I hope Jim invites them back next year! God bless the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, they are true American hero's. The Veterans ceremony is always the best part of the weekend, and the reason I come to the rally.

Jim Rocco


Such an awesome experience !! The trumpeter by the side of the road, The lady stopped on the median strip rendering a salute , the family parked along 67 with a placard commemorating a loved one. Sights and sounds that will stay with me for a lifetime. Meeting new friends , new brothers and sisters. Can't wait until next year!

Chris Earley


An honor and privilege to be part of this most patriotic event. Thank you Jim Wear and everyone at Pro Promotions !

Fritz Genato


That's good living right there Jim Wear! You're a true American Patriot and voice for all our veterans. Thank you for what you do! Can't wait till next year, I'm putting in leave as soon as you release the dates.

Slade Deister



I found this event to be breath taking and powerful. So grateful I was present for this. Thanks to all the amazing people who worked hard to make it happen.

Michelle Tomes


Jim I am so very appreciative that you were kind enough to invite me to attend this fantastic event. I have been to many rallies all across the country but this was the best by far. The selflessness of the people in attendance is overwhelming. It is very easy for me as a career Soldier to forget just how many people there are out in the our communities that have served and are still serving their Nation today. Seeing patriotism and support of service through the eyes of the community that we all serve was a great reminder of how lucky we are as a Nation to have this comradery and togetherness. It is so very important that we all remember that less than 1% of our Nation will have and has ever served but we all need the other 99% to keep our Country strong and committed to our way of life. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with and I look forward to being invited back again next year!

CSM David Burton
Garrison Command Sergeant Major
4th Infantry Division
Fort Carson, CO



Thanks for inviting the 4th DIVARTY to participate in this incredible event. There are few places or events that I have attended where the true spirit of America is so visceral, tangible and felt to the core of my being. I am humbled by the spirit of the event and the genuine nature of the heroes who participated in it. God Bless our Services and God Bless America.

Michael "Mike" Oeschger
Colonel, FA
Commander, 4th Infantry Division Artillery
(DIVARTY) "Iron Gunners!"


Thank you for your professionalism in organizing and running this outstanding rally! I really enjoyed it! It was sincerely one of the best, most inspiringly patriot, events in which I have participated. I certainly plan on attending next year!

Again, thank you!

US Army Colonel (R) Steve Spitze
Superintendent, Carlin Surface Mine Operations
Newmont Mining Corp.


I was highly honored to serve as the Marshall for this years parade and ride through town in the flashy Yellow Corvette driven by the Mayor of Cripple Creek, Mayor Brown.

I was thrilled to see so much Red, White and Blue being displayed. The greatest example of this was the huge flag suspended over the entire parade on a wire between two hook and ladder trucks. What an innovative way to put “Old Glory” on display. My compliments to the Fire Department for their achievement.

One could not have guessed what a beautiful sight Cripple Creek was with thousands of bikers and bikes lining the curbs as we paraded by. My hat is off to the bikers and the people of Cripple Creek for their support of the event as well as Mayor Brown, the City Council, The Police Department, The Fire Department and countless volunteers who gave their time and effort to produced a dazzling tribute to the Veterans, POWs and MIA's. All of these people were orchestrated by a wonderful staff of professional event organizers from Pro Promotions.

On behalf of the Veterans, POWs and MIAs I salute you all for an outstanding job well done.

Col. Elmo C. Baker American EX-POW
Vietnam Veteran


The 2016 Salute to American Veterans Rally was totally amazing! This was our first year attending. We were truly honored to be in the presence of so many great American Heroes. Their stories and dedication touched our hearts in so many ways. Words could never express how much of a blessing this event was to us. I would never be able to put into words how grateful we are for their sacrifice and bravery. For Jim Wear, we again want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us an opportunity to share in this very special event. Jim, Pam and the entire staff at Pro Promotions this was such a totally amazing event. We can't wait to see what you have in store for next year's rally, we are counting down the days!

Seaborn & Dallia Jones
Liberty Hill, TX


The Veterans Run from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek was heartfelt! The sense of pride and respect was everywhere - tears filled my eyes as we rolled out, people, young and old lined the streets waving their flags! And it continued all the way through Divide into Cripple Creek. It made you proud to be an American! The freedom to participate in a run of that magnitude was a tribute to our veterans, for without them we may not have had that freedom! Thank you to each and every Veteran - it was an honor to ride for you.

Kaye Blocky


True to form, the 2016 Veterans Rally was filled with respect and honor for the fallen, as well as for those who served our country in uniform and were able to return home. It was a true honor to greet and personally thank so many of our war heroes and their families, including those who endured torture and deprivation at the hands of our enemies. Thank you for another event carried out with excellence and thoughtfulness.

Norm Steen
Teller County Commissioner
Brigadier General (retired), Army


I believe I speak on behalf of the entire Newmont team and their experience when I tell you that the event was a very humbling experience from a personal standpoint, very touching, and it was of strong value from a business standpoint in terms of familiarizing attendees with who our company is, how we wish to be a partner in the region near our mining operation and that we are a strong supporter of the military as an employer of choice.

Rhonda Zuraff
Director, Communications & External Relations
Newmont North America


Thank you Jim Wear and company. The recognition ride was awsome and this in my eyes was a very well organized and managed rally. Very emotional in more ways than one. I will be back. Thank you , and God bless.

John Scott


Was truly the most amazing experience ever. This was the fourth time attending this event. I will be there every year if it is GOD'S will. Thank you for all you do to put this on.

Delores Kaiser