2012 & earlier Accolades & Testimonials

2018 was my second year in attendance at the salute to American Veteran’s Rally. And once again, my experience was very positive. As an Army Veteran, I appreciate the mission of this event and the awareness it raises of Veterans and Veteran’s issues. I’d like to thank all the people that put in a lot of time and work to make the event possible.

Sam Siebenaler
Military Veterans Program and Support BRG
Newmont Corporation



Event Accolades & Testimonials
The following are sentiments about the Rally received from Veterans, Patriots and members of the Armed Forces.

I've deployed four times into a combat zone; fought in two wars; served over 12 years overseas in many different countries. I have two sons currently deployed, one for the second time, and a third son awaiting orders. I’ve always known it was a family thing for me, and the units I served in, they became our extended family. But at Cripple Creek I was touched deep in my soul like never before. There I saw veterans from wars past and listened intensely as they told their courageous stories. Their families came with them for they had lived through those tough times and had suffered as their spouses fought. I could feel their strong support of those still serving in this war. I saw veterans who may or may not have deployed but served out of patriotism and pride. And when I saw them with their children and knew I was looking at a future Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airman. I saw community leaders and ordinary citizens who have organized events such as those which sent deployed members cookies or written that much loved “Any Soldier” letter. I’ve seen gyms filled with hundreds my extended family as I come and go on deployments. I have been stopped in town and thanked for my service. We know we have the support of the people of this great nation. But never had I seen an entire community gather together, some of which had traveled a great distance, as I did at the 2011 Salute to American Veterans Rally. That was the first time I saw multiple generations, all lifestyle backgrounds, different political views. Yet all of that was put aside. Every one of those tens of thousands of people there had contributed something to make this country what it is. Service members can never do it alone, it takes communities. And it is these types of communities that will forever make this country great.

CSM Richard M Joyce


It was an honor and pleasure to ride in the rally from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek and then attend the ceremony honoring Veterans at Memorial Park. This was a first class event all the way around.
I have been to many of these over my 25+ years of service and can honestly say this is the most well organized and run Veteran's event I have ever attended. I was amazed with the number of people who came up to thank me for my service as we proceeded through the day's events. While we do not do this for the thanks, it is nice to be reminded there are patriotic Americans all over this country who appreciate the service and sacrifice all members of the United States military give for love of country.
I hope this event continues to grow and that more people come out, participate and get involved in this fantastic tribute to our troops both past and present.

Col Boomer Ferguson
Vice Commander, 10th Air Base Wing
United States Air Force Academy


"It was both an honor and a privilege to participate in the 2011 Salute to American Veterans Rally and Festival, especially the POW/MIA Recognition Ride. The POW/MIA Recognition Ride is the first major group motorcycle ride that I have done since moving to Colorado. I could not have picked a better initial group ride, as the POW/MIA recognition ride was both the most well-organized and the best orchestrated motorcycle ride I have ever participated in. It was both encouraging and inspiring to see the large number of riders who took part in the event as well as the significant number of citizens from Woodland Park, Divide, Cripple Creek, and elsewhere across America who came out to show their support.
The American Veterans Rally and Festival has something for everyone and it clearly evokes the sentiment that America is "the home of the free because of the brave."
I look forward to taking part in the American Veterans Rally and Festival again in 2012."

MAJ Joseph T. Kosek III,

Brigade Intelligence Officer, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, Fort Carson, CO


"This event was truly remarkable. From the detailed planning that went into the schedule to the monumental crowd, I was honored to be a part of this occasion honoring the service of so many of our fellow Americans. I am already looking forward to next year."

LTC Joe Clark,
Commander, 1-68 Armor (CAB), Fort Carson, CO


"My friend and I had the honor to ride with Col. “ Boomer “ Ferguson, Vice Commander of the 10th Air Wing at the US Air Force Academy in the POW – Veterans Rally from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek. We attended the official ceremony as well. To ride with thousands of fine Americans, and to experience your personal dedication and the dedication of all the volunteers, attendees, and those who were honored for their service, was an experience I shall never forget. Thousands of Americans lined the road from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek during the rally, supporting your efforts and our service men and woman, POW’s, and the bikers that supported the event. Needless to mention, Cripple Creek is the perfect setting for this event and all the social activities associated with it. I enjoyed the entertainment part of it, and meeting Col. Mike Kasales and his wife Mary from Ft. Carson. They are wonderful people.
I am looking forward to participate in your future events. JOB WELL DONE !"

Best regards,
Gunter Harz
Managing Partner, Global Business Development, LLC


Very impressive indeed. This event made you proud to be an American.
Just after the war if we would have had events this big and organized, with the evidence we have today, our government wouldn’t have been able to leave hundreds of our POW’s behind in Viet Nam. It’s been a long 46 years and now that we have the evidence very few seem to care. I can only imagine what the concerted effort of all these Vets would have accomplished if we had only known then what we know now. It’s not to late for a few even yet.
I was proud to have been a small part of this great event. Bette & I want to thank both you & Pam for all the hard work you put into this rally to make it such a big success. The thousands of Vets, the Patriot Guard, all the honored guests, what an excellent selection.

Thanks again,
Leo & Bette Hrdlicka


I have attended the Veterans Rally the past two years, last year I had the honor of being in the front of the parade. Being a Gold Star Mother, my son Navy SEAL Danny P. Dietz Jr. KIA 6/28/2005, this event has been an awareness to me of all our veterans who have served, who have came back wounded, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. All of whom are honored and brought together to share there stories of there service for our freedom. I believe this event and the efforts put into making this event shows all of America we in Colorado are proud of our flag, proud of our military and respect for our different organizations out there doing their share to keep America strong. Every year the different guest speakers as well as entertainers only get better because of the true patriotism that is out there.
My thank you to Jim Wear and all who help him to do this event every year so all of us can show our support for our country. God Bless you and God Bless all the families who have given there all.....

Thank you,
Cynthia Dietz


I wanted to thank you and Pro Promotions for putting on such an amazing event and allowing us to participate in it. I work as a Fire Captain for Northeast Teller County Fire in Woodland Park. Pro Promotions was great in allowing us to have a pancake breakfast on the first day of the POW/MIA ride from Woodland to Cripple Creek. We set up our make shift kitchen at about 7:30 am and started serving. It was amazing to see the steady stream of bikes pour in to the parking lot, at Woodland Park High School, for the next three hours. It is a real testament to the event, American Pride and the appreciation for our Vets. Aside from being awestruck, we are very appreciative to Pro Promotions and all of the riders that donated at our pancake breakfast. We have been working hard the past few years on fundraising in order to purchase a UTV and ATV for off road rescue. We want to better protect the people that live in and visit our community and as times are tough our fire district can only focus on necessities. I am happy to announce that after two years of pancake breakfasts and some other events, we were able to purchase our UTV this summer. Thank you again to all the riders, Pro Promotions, and our Vets!

Margo Hill
Captain - Northeast Teller County Fire


On Saturday August 20th,my sweetie and I went to Cripple Creek 's Motorcycle Rally to Salute our American Veterans. We could not believe our eyes at the thousands and thousands of Veterans that showed up. About 5,000 Motorcyclists were expected on this ride, but over 7,000 rode into Cripple Creek on the nine mile ride from Woodland Park to show their support to American veterans during the 24th annual recognition ride.

[ Woodland Park is where the POW / MIA ride started .] When we rode in from the Springs, the road from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek was lined with people waiting to see the Veterans Parade of Motorcycles. If we could have been in 2 places at once we would have been watching from the street also. It was awesome!

My husband who also is a Vietnam Vet and I had never seen so many Vietnam Veterans at any other event. The Vietnam Vets Welcome Home at Ft Carson, was pretty awesome, but since it was on a Friday most of our vets were working. My husband Lance said that he never shook so many hands, "welcomed" so many vets home and was "welcomed home" by so many people since returning home in "69". When one of the singers during the program sang "Proud to be an American" the crowd went crazy. If you have never been to one of these Rally's you should try to go.

A highlight was the dog at the ceremony named "Bad A--" which was nicknamed "Bady". Bady was fresh back from Afghanistan and is an IED & Patrol dog . Bady is credited with saving over 100 Soldiers. He also gave up his leg in the process. What an awesome dog! He also received an award which was pinned to his vest.. He is just learning how to walk on 3 legs. We all were wiping our eyes when this dog was being honored.. I just wanted to take him home and love him.

Thanks to all our Veterans and "God bless America"
Jane Rodgers


This was my first attendance to a Salute to American Veterans Rally, I didn't know what to fully expect, but I must say that I was completely blown away.

This was such an amazing experience and I wish our entire country could see, hear and feel the patriotism and the commitment to honoring the real hero's of the USA, our Veterans and Military. It was such an honor to sing in the Ceremony and to hopefully touch the hearts of everyone the way my own heart was touched by this entire experience. Absolutely amazing. Thank you Jim and Pam Wear for inviting Patti Stilson and I to be a part of it all. It was also a blast for us (aka "Two For The Road") to perform in the beer garden.

With much thanks,
Alan Calhoun ("Two For The Road")
Fort Worth, Texas


What an awesome event - the Salute to American Veterans Rally was a first-class tribute to Veterans, past and present, and their Families.
With over 23 years of military service, I have participated in several similar type events across the country, and I can state emphatically that this event has provided me the most memorable experience out of them all. It was a true honor and my privilege to represent the Soldiers of Fort Carson and the 4th Infantry Division.
Jim and Pam Wear put on a well-planned and dignified weekend, and it was a down-right great time. The City of Cripple Creek, Colorado was a fantastic host – this beautiful, high-altitude town provided a level of hospitality that made the weekend even more of a special event.
From the POW/MIA Recognition Ride from Woodland Park to Cripple Creek on Saturday morning, to the Memorial Wall Dedication Ceremony at the Mount Pisagah Cemetery on Sunday; from the somber and dignified Recognition Ceremony on Saturday afternoon at the park in Cripple Creek, to the Hall of Heroes Dedication at Big Jim's Saloon and Gaming Hall on Sunday morning; and from all the vendors and business supporting the event, to the Street Dance in downtown Cripple Creek on Saturday night...this weekend brought together current and former Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines (and their Families and friends) to celebrate their service to our Nation.
With the thousands of bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and a few "cagers" that descended on Cripple Creek, it was apparent that the camaraderie, respect, and sense of pride continues to exists between our Nations warriors and the patriotic citizens who support them. I can think of no better event that pays tribute to the citizens from every generation who courageously and with honor stood watch for the Nation.

I can't wait for next year!!

Colonel Michael C Kasales
Commander "Iron 6"
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division
Fort Carson, CO


 Hey Jim, I am only familiar with the motorcycle events your company puts together. As a vendor that spends good money to be in front of your crowd that you work very hard to give them a great show. I have noticed over the years of my participation in your events that in every layer of putting together these events that you always have the right person doing the right job. I want to thank you and all your staff for another great job at Cripple Creek this year. The amount of planning and organization is not conceivable to most. But I have paid attention to your constant planning and reinventing even as the event you are currently putting on takes place. I really like how you put a great audience in front of me and it is up to me to sell myself. This works great for us and look forward to the next event. As a paying customer to be a vendor it is much appreciated that you sell me a time slot to sell myself and you keep the crowd and vendors there until the show is over. It is really hard to do business with a dwindling crowd as other vendors tend to give up early and start packing. This sends a message that it’s over. And clearly you know this and I wanted to thank you for being the best promoter I’ve worked with. It is clear to me you know this but sometimes it’s great to hear it from your customer. I know Mother nature can mess with outdoor events and what happened at the end of the rally is just how it goes. With that being said I noticed that you were working very hard to keep the show full of vendors in case the weather cleared up and we could salvage some of Sunday afternoon. I like a man willing to man his ship to the end. I saw you getting pounded by hail and cold heavy rain as you walked around to regain control over the vendors that are quick to leave when the going gets tough. I do realize that not much can be done with the weather like yesterday but thank you for working while the rest of us hid from the storm. And no one could imagine it stalling on us for so long. Thanks again.

Daniel Ballard
Owner - Bitchn' Stitchn'


This year, 2011, was my brother and my first time participating with this event. We plan on making them every year from now on. Is the event always the same time each year? We are going to ask all our friends to join us next year and want to give the right date out so they can plan for it. Thank you all for all you do. I had to wipe the tears many times from start to finish on the ride to Cripple Creek. My brother served in Viet Nam, I could not serve because I was rated 4F. I do ride for the Patriot Guard as a little way to try to give my heroes their due respect.

Thanks, Bob Armstrong


This was my first Vets rally... excellent and well organized... and fun. I'd like to know of next years rally dates so I can book some rooms, now! Thanks Stu, and your committee for a job well done in my eyes.

Mark- Vietnam '68-'69 Semper Fi
Mark Hatfield


I saw a Medal of Honor recipient walking through the crowd Saturday like any other mortal...it brought tears to my eyes what folks like them did. The Sat. parade was great with the Huey and ole' 7th Calvary Infantry Soldiers on horseback....I saw no rowdiness at all during the Fri. or Sat. activities. Everyone-vendors and public alike were polite and I even got carded in the Beer Garden..... I told the young women carding me I would kiss her as I haven't been carded in 50 years!--(I'm 63.)
Stu, I ride a lame assed quiet BMW Cruiser, ha, ha (a minority) and I was only wearing a U.S.M.C. ball cap with a few Vietnam mini ribbons (no vest with any unit patches etc.) but I still never got so many 'Semper Fi's by former Marine vets in my life! My bro in law---an Army National Guard soldier during the Vietnam era who never went overseas and was amused and thought I was 'running for office' by all the handshakes. I felt humbled and honored to walk in the crowds with all the branches of service represented. I am very proud of all of them for their service and I'm proud of my country even though I think our politicians tend to 'forget' the sacrifices others have made to benefit themselves!
I apologize for being so 'wordy' and taking your time but I haven't enjoyed a trip like this for years...and this is my first Veterans Rally which I rate a 5 out of 5. I will be back for sure my friend...sent a couple of pics. I'm sure you get plenty Stu. I still work in aircraft maintenance, this time at UPS for the last 17 years and cannot wait to retire and enjoy riding to these type events. Thanks much to you Stu and all your efforts and I hope somehow to meet you next year, if possible. Bye the way.....400 miles across Kansas from Kansas City in August( 102 degrees) sucks big time my friend...thought I was in heaven when I hit Colorado.....I love Colorado and have done many motorcycle trips there in the past.

Mark Hatfield, U.S.M.C.
Vietnam-'68-'69 (MOS 2531)
Semper Fidelis, Mag 11, Mabs 11, 1st Maw


The Salute to American Veterans Rally in Cripple Creek, Colorado, was an amazing and unforgettable event. Jim and Pam Wear and their awesome staff, are the driving force that makes this annual program the huge success that it is. Through their dedication and countless hours of hard work, this program is the complete package of American patriotism and fellowship.
Thank you Jim and Pam for all you do to make this happen every year, and thank you for inviting me to perform again! This experience is one I will carry with me forever and ever. It is such a huge honor to be in the presence and meet the thousands of Veterans/War Hero's! Our Veterans and Military are the finest audience in the world, and the real heroes of our nation. It is with joy and pride I can entertain them, and hope to give what I can to them, for all they have given America. This great opportunity, performing for The Salute To American Veterans Rally, is what being an entertainer is all about. It just doesn't get any better than this! God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America!

With all respect, thanks and deepest gratitude,
Patti Stilson ('Two For The Road')
Fort Worth, Texas


"Words to describe the Salute to American Veterans rally simply don't do justice to the fantastic job that the event does to honor our veterans and those who currently serve in the Armed Forces. The 2011 Rally was my third year participating as a Local Service member and every year it seems to bring something new and different in an effort to showcase the respect that its sponsors and promoters have for the military. Once again the City of Cripple Creek has outdone itself and the event as a whole was a fantastic rush of emotions felt by all whom attended. This is not just another stop for a biker rally but a reunion of old friends and service members who gather every year to say thank you and show their respect for those who came before and those who gave all for their country. This is an event that no one should pass on as it showcases so much pride in America and takes time to say "thank you and we will never forget" to those who have served. Thank you to everyone who played a role in the 2011 Veterans' Rally and keep up the great work!"

GySgt Steven Poinsette
United States Marine Corps


"To the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guard of yesterday and those of today a constant remains true: there is a bond stronger than any other that will reunite these individuals in order to assist when needed to stand tall, stand strait and stand proud. There is no greater sense of self-worth then when standing among veterans when Old Glory is raised and her song is sung. I was honored and humbled to be a part of such a momentous and spiritual event. Thank you"

SFC Erin Rugenstein
United States Army - Ft. Carson, CO


Hi Jim and Pam,
I have held off writing to you, as I wanted to wait until Bady went to his new home. Yesterday Bady was adopted by Colonel Mike and Mary Kasales. At the veterans rally Mike was really taken with Bady and they formed an instant bond. We were over whelmed with applications from the exposure he got at the rally and the news media. This led to weeks of going through applications, but once I did the home visit with the Kasales's I knew that was where he belonged.

Today Mike represented the U.S. Army at the CoSpg 9-11 rally. He and Mary brought Bady along to the event. When Mike was introduced, Mary brought Bady to the podium where his story was told, to a rousing round of applause from the audience. Mike said he does these events regularly for the Army and plans on making Bady part of his presentation to raise awareness of these very special heroes.

None of this would have happened, if you and Pam weren't so gracious as to invite Bady and myself to the veterans rally. It was a very moving day for everybody involved and I greatly appreciate everything you guys did to make it happen.

Steve and Bady, two old war dogs.


Dear Pam and Jim,
We cannot thank you enough for the excellent support you provided to "Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary" for Saturday's presentation to our special wardog, Bady! The honorary combat medal and the awareness of how much these dogs sacrificed to save their soldiers was priceless. We had a lot of vets come up to us and say how glad they were we were taking care of Bady; in Vietnam these dogs were automatically euthanized and were not allowed to come home. There are still problems, but some dogs are making it out now and there is much more awareness. We really appreciated all you did to find us a comfortable spot for Bady!!!!

What a wonderful event you put on; it is so great to make sure our vets (human and animals) know how much we appreciate them! I saw quite a few tears of appreciation on Saturday!

Take care,
Julie Kadlubowski (Wild Blue volunteer)


For the first time since being assigned in the Pikes Peak region my wife and I were able to attend this year’s Veteran’s Rally. I was extremely impressed with the patriotism demonstrated by all who attended this well organized event. The Veteran’s Rally is an event everyone should attend, as it helps to remind all what a privilege it is to live in America, the land of the free.

Col Walter E. Wininger USA NORTHCOM


As a career Air Force fighter pilot, Major General and former POW, I have had the privilege of participating often in this event, and speaking at both the banquet and the gazebo in the town’s center. What has impressed me most about this event is the number of veterans that attend from all over the country. I would not have known how many there were except that they recognized me from the stage and introduced themselves to me as I walked the streets afterward. This is truly a fantastic event wherein veterans from all eras can come together to honor our current active duty heroes in uniform, and lend their support to our country.I look forward to seeing you again this year for Colorado’s greatest testimony of patriotic support for our service men and women.

Bud Breckner, EX-POWMajor General, USAF, Retired


The Salute to American Veterans Rally is like a breath of fresh air. Here in the beautiful and spectacular mountains of Colorado, we find a group of simple American citizens coming together to honor those who have served our country to defend and preserve our freedoms. It is a time of comradeship and celebration to express patriotism and appreciation for all veterans. They honor the flag and embody the spirit of one nation united and proud. God bless them and our great country. Freedom is not free, and it is coming together for events such as this one, that re-news faith in and love for our country - and pays tribute to the men and women who have served.Tom Kirk, EX-POWColonel, USAF(Ret)========================================I attended the series of weekend events last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My father, who is a 30 year military veteran and served in World War II and Vietnam, accompanied me and had a great time and repeatedly commented on the wonderful outpouring of community support.  You should know that I was privileged to represent Fort Carson and the 7th Infantry Division as your community honored the service of our great veterans. This event is simply amazing. Not only do you recognize the duty, honor and selfless service of America’s service members – past and present, but you also spotlight Cripple Creek’s reputation as supportive of our military.I look forward to this year’s event and thank you and your team for recognizing the service of America’s sons and daughters.

Terry A. WolffColonel, USA



I have participated in rides, rallies, patriotic displays and all manner of events where Americans gather to celebrate our freedom. These events have occurred in places as far-flung as Gary, Indiana, Western Kentucky and Washington DC. I have never seen a single one so well organized and so well orchestrated as the 2010 Cripple Creek Rally. Having worked closely with you in preparation for this event, I put this down to your personal attention and commitment, and extend the thanks of a grateful old soldier to you for what you accomplished.

Chief of Staff
Fort Carson, CO


My girlfriend and I attended the rally this year; great to have it back in Cripple Creek! Perfect weather, an amazing ride in, and a great time all in one package. I retired from the US Air Force after over 20 years on active duty just over 3 years ago. The ceremonies at the rally were extremely moving. From the guest speakers to the soldiers from Ft. Carson in the Wounded Warrior program to the remembrance of the Ft. Hood fallen, the program was much more than I expected. An amazing job by Pro Promotions and, specifically, Jim Wear for a respectful and touching job as emcee.  Thank you for all you do, and, as a vet, I am proud to salute you.  May God bless you in all your endeavors.

TSgt Steve Peeler
USAF, Retired



Thank you for your dedication to America’s Military, current and past, active and retired. The Salute to American Veterans Rally gives all that attend, both veteran and non-veteran, the opportunity to join together in an awesome atmosphere of American Patriotic Pride. Especially for the Vietnam Veterans that were ridiculed, condemned, called obscenities and spit on upon their returned from war. The Salute to America Veterans Rally is truly an important part of the healing process for Vietnam Veterans and all veterans that have experienced the horrors of combat. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremony and thanks again to you and Pam for an “Awesome American Weekend”.

Bill McPherson
Colonel US Army, Retired


As a veteran I look forward to the “Salute to American Veterans” rally every single year in the great state of Colorado. Nowhere else have I found a venue of this proportion specifically dedicated to the men and women who have served their country and those who continue to serve. Not only does the rally bring old friends back together, but it provides numerous opportunities to make new ones. I feel privileged to have met so many men and women who have honorably served their country and who to me, epitomize what it is to be a hero!

Freddie R. Strickland
OIF/OEF Outreach Coordinator
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Colorado Springs Vet Center



Good Morning Jim and Pam!!!!!

We are getting ready to depart the Denver area but, before we go, we want to express our most heartfelt thanks for making us a part of such a wonderful experience as the Veterans Rally. I know you receive many thanks and I don't suppose ours is more special than others but we want you to know from our hearts that we truly enjoyed ourselves, were impressed, and walked away with an elevated appreciation for our American Hero's.... the Veterans totally renewed our attitude!!!!

We know the weather threw you a curve and it caused havoc and created a tremendous amount of extra work for you both. We were totally impressed with your professionalism and ability to handle that curve ball!!!!! You both are wonderful dedicated people and do just a terriffic job.

We also can attest to all the hype you create and how you reach peoples hearts and soul. You are great Americans and provide a wonderful venue to thousands of people. This year the weather added a
little extra spice and I hope there were some true believers that realized that the troops have to press on no matter what the weather is, too!!!!

Thanks again for all that you do! We enjoyed being a part of it and will come back again when we can.




I just wanted to touch base with you about the Veterans Rally.
I want to thank you for your support in our big Harley give away. It really drove people to our casino. We had good numbers in coin-in and customer counts, compared to the same days in June and July.

All in all I feel like it puts Cripple Creek on the map in a positive manner.

Michelle Fouts
Marketing Director
Bronco Billy’s Casino


After performing greater than 1,000 Military Funeral Honors for our nation’s fallen heroes not many things bring tears to my eyes...

This year’s Veteran’s Rally in Cripple Creek, CO was the exception. The outpouring of support, camaraderie and fellowship between current Active Duty Military, Retirees, Veterans, bikers and friends was enough to move me to tears on more than one occasion. My team and I are simply honored to have been a part of it and thrilled to see its return to Cripple Creek. Jim and Pam Wear of Pro Promotions should be commended for the effort they put forth to show appreciation and thanks to our American Veterans and POW-MIA!

Edward C. Wise, MSgt, USAF
Superintendent, Mile High Honor Guard
“A Mile Above the Rest”


Pam thank you for all the work you and Jim did for this weekend. The ceremony was outstanding.

Sergeant Major Grade, Scott D
Site Sergeant Major
Marine Air Control Squadron 23
Marine Air Control Group 48
Fourth Marine Air Craft Wing FMF
Buckley Air Force Base


“It was a privilege for me to be able to speak to such a patriotic and committed group of American Veterans in Winter Park, Colorado at the Veterans Motorcycle Rally. Just when you begin to think that we are certainly a military at war but are not perhaps a “nation” at war, you come across thousands of American patriots that send the message that they not only care but support those who have gone into harms way. This was the case this summer in Winter Park. Some were veterans, others were currently serving, some had never served in uniform, yet all were there to not only show their appreciation for American patriots who have sacrificed so much over the years but also to confirm that love for and commitment to this great country is still alive and well. With the majestic backdrop of the Colorado mountains, a great summer snow, and a town earnestly committed to the ideals upon which this nation was built--Americans gathered, flags waved, and the unique sign of freedom resident in motorcycles and their riders rolling through the streets, all combined to confirm that this is still the greatest nation on earth and the American spirit is strong. I am honored to have witnessed and made a small contribution to this great event. Thanks Jim for taking this on, you my friend are a patriot of the highest order.”

CSM Daniel R. Wood
Command Sr. Enlisted Leader NORAD/USNORTHCOM


The Salute to American Veterans Rally is a veritable explosion of good old-fashioned patriotism. The Rally attendees welcomed every veteran of every war with equal enthusiasm and support. If you aren?t proud to be an American when you arrive, you will be when you leave. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful hospitality, a great program and for giving me a few thousand new friends!? 

Joseph L. Galloway
co-author: We Were Soldiers Once... and Young & nationally syndicated military columnist


It was encouraging to see this display of the support American?s have for their fighting men and women at the 2006 Salute to American Veterans Rally. I felt humbled to see the heartfelt thanks I got  from so many patriotic Americans. This is something every American should witness. That was such a great event. You ran it like clockwork. You did a great job putting all that together. It was great meeting you. I look forward to coming out there again! Thank you so much.?

Lt Col Gregg Lyon
United States Marine Corps


“This is a truly remarkable event that brings together veterans, families and friends from all of the services and all of our Nation’s wars. I was humbled by the patriotism, pride and fellowship I saw last year in Winter Park! And I know that our fellow countrymen and women support us, as our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines carry out their duties in over 80 countries worldwide.”

Brigadier General
Norman H. Andersson
Deputy Commanding General
Division West, 1st Army



I am SSG Linda Sterling. I along with my husband SFC (R) William Sterling was Blessed to have had the opportunity to have the honor of participating in the events honoring our POWs and MIAs. I hope that you all remember us, we were the singing soldier husband and wife stationed at Fort Carson. I sang the National Anthem and he would do God Bless the USA.

Whatever the reason, the events that we partook in came to my mind and it is a very fond memory. The people, the friendships, and the bikes:). I can’t forget the bikes....I just wanted to reach out to you all to let you know that you all are thought of by me and William. At this time,I am deployed to Iraq and he is retired. We are now stationed at Fort Benning, GA.

In the future, I would love to come and participate again for old time sake. If you will have us. This event is not only moving, it leaves a mark on your soul for what it stands for.
I will return to the US in June 2010.

Take care and God Bless,
SSG Linda Sterling


My wife, Lynne, and I are very grateful for all the hard work and organization in putting this event together. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and hope this is a recurring event in Cripple Creek. We loved that Victor was included with “The Wall” on the ball field. This was a very enjoyable and emotional tribute to our Veterans.

Thanks and God Bless!

Russ and Lynne
Florissant, CO


Dear Jim,

What an honor it was for me to sing for the Veteran’s Rally again this year. It is something I would like to do again next year if you would want me to.
Thanks so much and again, you did a fantastic job organizing the event.

Peggy Mann


We are proud to say we were part of the POW-MIA Recognition Ride 2010 and loved every minute of it. We enjoyed the Rally - all three days and traveled to The Wall twice. Thanks for the hard work it took to pull it together - it showed. We particularly enjoyed the military speeches and wounded vet recognition. Thanks from the bottom of our Texas-Hearts for the tribute to the Fort Hood soldiers.

When you have time - I’d like to know the numbers so I can add that information to my Harley blog. I can’t begin to imagine how you would count heads at the rally. Attendance was phenomenal. Getting all the riders stacked up in Woodland Park registered for the Recognition Ride had to have been a challenge, but in our experience your people and volunteers were professional and industrious.

Winter Park was a great event last year but Cripple Creek is the best.
We will encourage our friends and family to ride up from Texas next year for the event. We can hardly wait for you to announce the dates 2011.

Thanks again...
Vickie & Tim Downing
Fort Collins, CO


Thank You again for including me in your tribute to Veterans. You get an A++ again!...Your speech, the doves,  ahhhhhhhhhhh~ Thank you for letting me walk around as I sang….

At the WALL, I got to sing for the opening ceremony, did the National Anthem twice, sang for a Wall Touching and the Sunday morning Service.  I appreciate the opportunity.  I got to see many Vets I’ve met in the past, and this year even met a classmate I hadn’t seen in decades…He lives in Colorado Springs, and I helped his wife find a Nebraska name on the Wall.
Please let me know if I can be part of your tribute again….

Little sis

Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to participate as a Grand Marshall in the parade and speak as an active duty member of the Air Force at the remembrance celebration. The Cripple Creek tribute is a highlight of the summer and I have encountered men and women all over the United States in my travels that remember the weekend. Just this last year a young Marine still recovering from his Iraqi Freedom wounds was recognized during the formal tribute so well organized and conducted by Jim Wear and his team of volunteers. After my remarks I spoke with the young man’s father and realized we had met some many months ago on one of my visits to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC to see our wounded veterans and while his Marine was there recuperating. The Marine’s father was delighted to renew our acquaintance and see so many Americans of all walks of life gathered in Cripple Creek to remember the sacrifices of those who have served and those who are serving today. For me to be there for that father and his son and all the others was one of life’s golden moments. As a result, this weekend in August is permanently marked on my calendar.

Lance W. LordGeneral, USAF, Retired


I have had the honor and privilege to be at the head of the POW/MIA Recognition Ride with General Lance Lord for two years, and I have sat on the speaker’s stage with you and many others who were there to honor our veterans. There is nothing I have seen to compare with over 5,000 gleaming motorcycles proudly displaying our nations colors as they proceed down the highway into the fair city. Certainly there are many ways to honor those men and women who wear the cloth of our nation, but in a state which seems to cherish the free spirit of the west, I can think of no more fitting method. I look forward to seeing you on this years ride.

Steven MaasRear Admiral, USN


The POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremony and motorcycle ride to Cripple Creek highlights the duty, honor, and selfless service of our veterans and serving service members. The hard work that the city and rally committee put forth in making this event such a great success sets you and your community apart and is greatly appreciated by all veterans and those of us who continue to serve.

Ken KeenBrigadier General, USA


The Salute To American Veterans’ Rally-2009, was an event that every American should experience. I had the honor to perform at the Rally this year, and while it was very humbling, at the same time it filled my heart with tremendous pride for our great nation! There were thousands of heroes and warriors attending this event, a clear testimony that our America is alive and well. My career in music has revolved around our military and veterans, but I have never experienced the sheer numbers who gathered as one voice, one family, in Winter Park, Co. There were thousands in attendance, yet I did not meet one stranger. It was a gathering of the very best of America, heroes all, joined together with the sacred bond of Love of God and Country. Jim and Pam Wear of Pro Promotions in harmony with their entire staff and the great people of Winter Park and Fraser, Colorado made this Remembrance Rally about the sacrifices of the collective armed forces. Hosting this event in the same professional, generous, and legendary gallantry and heroic efforts that our unfailing, self-sacrificing military personnel have conducted themselves throughout the ages. When these brave, courageous men & women give their commitment they do it whole-heartedly and with the realization that each day is one the others never had. Their hard work and energy made this fantastic event the huge success it was, and I deeply appreciate having been a part of it with ALL my heart!

God Bless our Military and Veterans, and God Bless America!
Forever Grateful ~
Patti Stilson


Dear Jim,

Thanks so much for the wonderful Remembrance Ceremony Program yesterday in Winter Park.  It was my first and I so enjoyed it.  My dear friend, Peggy Mann, sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and I think she nailed it, bringing chills and pride in knowing her. Please keep Peggy in mind for other productions you may do in the future.  Peggy also gives great house concerts and has super cds.  She is loved by many and has a large following.

However, Jim, this email is really about you and your production company and staff of volunteers. I was greatly moved throughout the event yesterday and immediately went home to let all my friends know, via email, to attend the event next year in Winter Park. Bravo and job well done.

Sara Moran


Dear Jim,

Thank you for including Lost Canyon Band in such an amazing and heartfelt event!! The Salute to American Veterans was a Top Class Rally, which wonderfully mirrored what our veterans and troops have and are still doing. I wish every American could see what I saw last weekend: honor, strength, bravery, sacrifice and humility. Pro Promotions sure knows how to put an experience not be forgotten!

I don’t know if you had an opportunity to hear Lost Canyon Band, as it was obvious you were extremely busy, but we sincerely would love to work with you again.

Warm regards,
Cindy Wallace

p.s.  I sat next to an older gentlemen who was in World War II (he needed a little assistance in sitting and standing), and when I thanked him for all he had done, he said, “I didn’t do anything.” So wrong!! I told him he was a part of what has made our lives free today, and that EVERY one of our vets is such an important part of history.


The annual Salute to American Veterans Rally is a favorite venue for the VETERANS MUSIC MINISTRY.  Hosts Jim Wear, Taz, The AVTT WALL crew, The City of Cripple Creek made my stay so welcoming.  It is truly an honor to be sit onstage with so many heroes from all the wars, and to be able to sing to them is so heart felt.  I get teary when I see the soldiers from Ft Carson.  That is where my Dad trained in WWII for the 10th MTN Division. This year was extra special because I got to walk with the KS Patriot Guard with their flags from behind the stage to the top of the hill behind the chairs, where I got to present a PIONEER award to them representing the NE VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS MEMORIAL HIGHWAY 83.  Many Veterans are bikers, and you host a clean production with respect, where they can be honored and gain one more stepping stone of healing, closure, and reconnection with others.  Thank You for hosting the AVTT WALL, for including me again this year, the opportunity to give the BANDAID FOR THE HEART medals, and especially to belatedly THANK and WELCOME HOME the Nam/Era biker Veterans.  The comment you made at the end of the ceremony was impressive.  LET THEM NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

Monica ‘little sis’ Harvey
Stapleton NE


I am always impressed with the caliber of people I meet at the “Salute to American Veterans” rally. I look forward to the event every year, where among thousands of other Veterans I feel a sense of camaraderie, brotherhood, and family. No other gathering brings Veterans together en masse like a motorcycle rally; and here in the great state of Colorado we are fortunate to have such an event dedicated solely to honoring the American Veteran. I am always honored and privileged to be in the presence of so many brave men and women who have sacrificed so much, to ensure our great Nation remains the land of the free. Thank you for another great year, thank you Jim and Pam, and I look forward seeing you all again next summer!

Freddie Strickland
Iraq & Afghanistan Veteran Outreach
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs ?Colorado Springs Vet Center  


There is no more important duty as an American than to remember and recognize those who pay for our freedoms - often in blood, up to and including their very life - so we may awake safe.

The Salute to AmericanVeterans Rally is a pinnacle event to do exactly that.

Tom Tarver,
“Colorado Supports the Troops” License plate creator


The Veterans Rally has really been a great experience for me. I met some great people that truly appreciate what each and every Veteran has done for this country, many of which are Veterans themselves! I cannot express how important it is to have the support that we have and I cannot believe that this support was not there for so many others before us. It makes me think how things could have been if I would not have had the support that I have received. I then wonder how many have taken the wrong path because this type of support was not there.

Thank you sincerely for all your hard work in Honoring us Veterans.
Brandon Burke
United States Army Ret.


“As a sponsor of the annual Salute to American Veterans Rally, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be involved.  This event draws an incredible and dedicated crowd and more importantly, truly honors the veterans and active military that have fought and continue to fight for our freedom every day.   I personally attend numerous vets related events every year, and I have never experienced even one that compares to the honest tribute to those who sacrifice for our country that the Salute to Veterans rally provides.  

For those of us who were not around for Vietnam, and have not personally been directly affected by current day wars, this event not only touches you, but indeed teaches as well.  It’s one that should be experienced by each and every one of us who call ourselves Americans.  We live in a country that provides freedoms that are unparalleled in the world, and as unfortunate as it is, sometimes we have to fight for those freedoms.   Those who protect our freedoms deserve far more than our government gives, and this rally is the closest thing I’ve seen to an actual “Thank you and welcome home” to all of the men and women, past and present, serving our country.

It’s not just a biker’s event-- this is more than just another rally. At this year’s event, I cried and laughed, felt incredibly sad and most of all incredibly proud to be an American.  I am honored to have experienced all of it--from the deeply moving speeches, to the elaborate traveling Wall display, to shaking hands with veterans from all eras, this event provides an opportunity for the average American to personally thank our soldiers.  It also provides an opportunity to teach the younger generations about what it means to be an American and how important our soldiers are to the way of life in which we have all become so accustomed.  It helps define what true patriotism is, and no matter where I work, or what I do, I will make sure that I and those I know participate in and support the Salute to Veterans rally.”

Deb Mountain
Marketing Director, Law Tigers


The rally this year was an amazing experience! Despite the unfavorable weather on Friday and Saturday, there was a great turnout for the event. It was very moving to see so many veterans and patriotic people together at one event celebrating past, present and future military service to this great country. I was truly humbled to be in the presence of so many of this country’s true heroes. God bless America and may He protect those serving.

Ross Stadsklev – CPT, USA


American Veterans Traveling Tribute travels the USA annually attending sponsored events to promote patriotism and honor respect and remember those who served, and insure the same for those who are serving.

The Veterans Rally is a focus of celebration and remembering. It is our duty to never forget, yet Stand Up for America. If we falter, we diminish the commitment and sacrifice of all those who came before us.

We cannot chose the weather, but we can chose how and where we spend our time, and stand the line with a resolve of freedoms celebration. This happened in 2008. It will happen again in 2009.

Thank you for inviting AVTT to be part of your honoring celebration and rally. This event has become our signature destination the last 2 years.

A person is never gone, until the memories are. You keep memories alive and make memories.

You help to honor the past, celebrate the present, and educate the future.

Every state in this US of A should have an event like happens in Colorado. Our country needs this focus.

We are a blessed people who live in a blessed nation, we must never forget.

Thanks again, It has been an honor.
United States Army Retired


Throughout my 37 year career in the military and since, I have had many opportunities to witness or participate in some fantastic events including one at the White House. I was honored with the chance to participate in the 2008 Salute to American Veterans Rally in Winter Park, CO. Talk about a heart warming, fantastic, and memorable experience!!!! WOW!!!

Veterans have a special place in my heart. All veterans, no matter what their job or where they were stationed are truly important and deserve to be recognized and your Rally and the Winter Park/Fraser team did that with superb style. What a wonderful thing it is that you do! I was pleased and encouraged to meet people there from many parts of the country, not just Colorado. The Rally participants, a variety of tourists, and the towns-people themselves, were exhuberent, enthusiastic and truly sincere in their recognition of the sacrifices and dedication of our Veterans. Your honored guests were absolutely amazing to behold!

I was extremely PROUD to have been able to attend, let alone being asked to be one of the speakers at the ceremony and participate in the POW/MIA Ride. I mingled with a great number of Veterans and their wives and friends throughout the week end. It was truly a great experience and it made a tremendous impression on both me and my wife. We enjoyed every aspect of the event. The bad weather actually added something special to the event because it helped all who were there appreciate the fact that our troops have to endure no matter what the weather is.

I want to extend my personal thanks to you and Pam for the absolutely wonderful job you do at orchestrating this event and to all your sponsors and helpers who work so hard to make it happen. It is a great tribute to Veterans and much deserved. Far too many Veterans receive far too little recognition for their sacrifice and dedication. I am proud of you for your sincere devotion to this Rally.

Winter Park and Fraser, I am so proud of you also for hosting this event. I fully realize there are diverse and compelling priorities that impact your city government, police and fire departments, city employees and your individual communities tugging at your resources and time. However, you are sincerely commended for each and every effort you made to help make the 2008 Salute to American Veterans Rally happen. Thank you.

I look forward to coming back to the Rally and Winter Park/Fraser again in the future.

Best Regards and Good luck in the future,
Captain Rod Knutson USN Retired
Thompson Falls, Montana



Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in the Rally last week. It was an incredible experience and we were so glad to be a part.

Please keep us on the mailing list for next years event, or other similar events you organize.

Michelle Mallin
Ride for Freedom Service Dogs


Hey it was a Great Rally in 2010! I Had a great time & will be coming back every year, To me this rally is extremely important, so much so, I broke down at the reading of the names in the park.

Thank you for your valuable time
Rev. P. J. Johnson aka “Preacher”
Formerly Sgt USAF


Hey Jim, Great job with Cripple Creek! I especially enjoyed the honors ceremony and the flyovers! So good to see so many people turn out! Thanks for getting out of Winter Park and back to where the rally belongs!

Jim Davidson
City Glass Co.



Hey Jim;

Got your e-mails, the photo was sad but illustrative of the type of folks I think our vets are. Dedicated, respectful and men and women of immeasurable character. Thanks for the kind words and all,  but it is I who owes you a sincere thanks for all you and Pam do....the ceremony was a fitting tribute to some incredible Americans and a humbling event that I will never forget.

The obvious reverence you have for our country's warriors is inspiring. I was honored to be in the presence of such incredible people. Dave Barr, Sgt June, SgtMaj Wood and all the others, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To be able to meet, shake hands and talk with such honorable men who have given so much for this country is a true honor and as I said, one I will never forget. Your dedication to this event and the recognition of all our veterans by you, your family and all your staff is beyond awesome!

I do not pretend to speak for all veterans but I would be willing to bet that most would be satisfied with something as simple as just "thank you" for their service.....but what Pro Promotions does is above and beyond a simple thank you. It is more than just recognition for their service, sacrifice or accomplishments. It is honoring the deeds of so many selfless men and women who have risked it all and in some cases, given it all for the cause of freedom around the world and the defense of the greatest nation on earth.

What I think vets want from their countrymen is one thing....what you give them through this event is something else entirely. I am grateful to you and Pam for what you guys do and it is I who owe you the thanks! Just as Dave Barr mentioned in his speech, the true heroes and role models for this generation seem to get little publicity.......you swim against that tide and it is a great thing you do. I only wish I would have taken my sons with me to meet some of these great men.....maybe next time. I have always said that the greatest gift I have been given is being an American but I think being an American veteran tops that, at least in my mind.

Thanks again for everything, I don't feel as though I did much in the way of helping out or even enough to earn my lodging....you guys are truly gracious and I owe you plenty. Nonetheless, I thank you for letting Linda and I be a part of this event, I was honored to be there.

Semper Fi!



Dear Pam and Jim,

I have been soooooo up, excited and filled with renewed spirit and hope for the US of A after the TREMENDOUS Veterans' Rally that you so expertly put on!!!  We've been to many events over the last 30 yrs. and this one was The BEST!!!!  Wish you and Pam could be the Organizers for ALL such things....including our POW Reunions!!!!

I would be most happy to write ALL the powers to be in Winterpark....as this is a MUST Event!!!!!!

Rod and I had an appt. yesterday at Bitchin' Stitchin' (one of your advertisers) and Dan didn't make it up, but his assistant did and so did 2 other customers that were there.  We were all RAVING about it!!!!

Rod and I will write and say THANK YOU to Winterpark, and it will be with heartfelt thoughts!!!  Shelle



Jim, what a great weekend. Thank you for including me, and allowing me such an honor to present to Sgt June. There are moments in your active duty career that are amazing. That was one of them. Another one, if I may. In 1995, I sat on the black sand of invasion beach at Iwo Jima next to retired SgtMaj Fox, and his wife. He sat there, with his better half, almost 80 years old, 50 years after the month long campaign, and pointed to places where he'd watched heroes, fight, live, die, survive......As a 1stLt at the time, I couldn't believe I was receiving such an underserved moment.....Similiar feeling with Sgt June.

Thank you.


I just wanted to say thank you for your hospitably over the weekend.
When we as a country remember the fallen and recognize our Warriors we are doing a higher work.

If there is anything I can help you with let me know.

God's Speed!

Command Sergeant Major
US Army
Outreach Special Projects


Once again the Salute the Vets Rally was an outstanding display of patriotism, honor and respect.  The presentation was exceptionally moving and the shear number of people who stayed throughout the event despite mother natures rath, speaks volumes about the integrity of this event - Congratulations to you and Pam - Get some well deserved rest!

Debbie Quackenbush, Founder
American Military Family, Inc.
Thanks to our Military and Their Families
for their Daily Sacrifices for all of Us!



Dear Jim & Pam,

All I can say is "WOW"!  What an awesome event!  Nevermind the rain, the snow and the cold weather, what I was priviledged to be a part of on Sunday afternoon was all worth it.  I have been to the rally several times, but was never fortunate enough to experience the ceremony and I can't even begin to put into words how wonderful it was to be there.  Never in my life have I felt so small as I did standing at the back of the stage and listening to all the stories of our American Heroes.  What those men and women have done for our country and continue to do is simply amazing.  I am in awe!

Thank you so much for all you do for our Veterans here at home.  I am so proud to have been a part of it this year, and next year whether Chuck is home in time to attend or not, you'll see me again. 

God Bless You Both!
Linda Botkin


WOW, JIM, what a great pic, im speechless!
I am so proud we played the rally, being a vet it meant the world to me!! Thanks for having me and my band Street Survivor involved, it was a fabulous emotional time for me. When I left town, I stopped at the 7 eleven and ran in to some old Nam, fellow jarheads, and we talked and, made me feel so good. Thanks again Jim, hope all came out ok for you! You are an outstanding man to do this event, and all you do, from me thanks bro!

Dallas, Street Survivor


It was our distinct pleasure to once again be a part of this extremely worthwhile cause.  Please keep the Buckley AFB "Mile High Honor Guard" in mind for any future events we may lend a hand to.

It's always a pleasure working with you and thanks again for all you do!

TSgt Ed Wise
NCOIC, Mile High Honor Guard
"To Honor With Dignity"


Thank you for the personalized dog tags. I was actually hoping to get some during that weekend but of course had other things going on...like snow. I was however able to sit out on the grass during the ceremony like I enjoyed doing last year. As an avid military believer and upporter I am always very touched by the bravery of the soldiers in war and their stories.
I am reminded that no matter what is happening behind the scenes of the event, the weekend is for the veterans and what they have done for us. We all made that happened and I am proud of being a part of that. I want to thank you for that opportunity.

Thanks again Jim and Pam.

Tamara Davis
Event Operations Director
WP Chamber of Commerce



You are welcome, and thank you for support and sponsorship.
Hope we can all reconvene next year.
Many of our hero's fought and died in the rain. It is our duty to honor and remember them in the rain or any conditions..
Enjoy the blanket. It depicts the message of the event.
Roy and Michelle did a nice job at the park. They are great and gracious team members.

Steve W Doty



Good Morning, 
I was fortunate enough to be able to make the ride from Loveland over Trail Ridge Road early Saturday morning with my girlfriend and join the parade ride from Granby to Winter Park. It was absolutely wonderful to see all the motorists stopped along hwy 40 waving and cheering as we rode by. The sight of "Old Glory" hanging between two extended ladder trucks was wonderful and inspiring. I am a US Navy Veteran and ride a 100 year anniversary special Road King.

Thank you for organizing this event and I look forward to next year's event.

Jon Sill


Jim - I do have to say this was one of the most incredible events I have ever been to.  It was an honor to be apart of it and I look forward to working with you and Pam next year!

Jaime Bird
Brand Marketing Coordinator
RE/MAX International, Inc


Hey Jim-
I have to say that I was completely blown away by the event and am thrilled to hear you have received such positive feedback.
I personally enjoyed the weekend thoroughly and am looking forward to next summer already.  You and your crew run a class act operation that has a true following. 

As far as media coverage goes, there was a cameraman filming for Re/max who works for ch 9 as his day job.  We chatted for sometime and I asked that when he returns to Denver that he share with his station and assignment desk just how big and amazing of an event this is.  Needless to say, he took little convincing.  Please get in touch with me once you start putting the wheels in motion for next year.  I would love to help again.

Thank you!

Jenn deBerge
Communications Coordinator
Winter Park Resort


HI Jim and Pam
I hope you had a terrific weekend and that everything in Winter Park went well for the event. Knowing it's the 1st year I'm sure we have room to grow! I tried calling you a couple times but missed you, I'm sure you were all over the place. My husband and I came in for the rally and the ceremonies. It is still unreal to me how the "entertainment" of the rally is coupled with the solemnness of the ceremonies and how it works together! Amazing and humbling at the same time. 

Thank you for all you did with us here at Beaver Village Condos and thank you for the dog tags, I appreciate the gift!

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.


Cindy Harder
Director of Sales & Marketing
Beaver Village Condominiums-THMC
Winter Park, Colorado


I just wanted to say thanks for letting the Kansas ALR and Patriot Guard be part of the Winter Park fun. We all had a blast and liked it better then Cripple Creek. In fact the group has already requested me to book the whole hotel for next year. The biggest honor was setting up the traveling wall. I hope you have it back next year. Steve and his crew are great Americans. We also were honored to have several of your key note speakers show up at our party Saturday night. To talk and shake the hand of a congressional metal of honor winner was something that I will never forget. 

Thanks again to you and your staff!

Jeff Bryant
Kansas ALR and Patriot Guard


Jim and Pam, 
Thanks for all you've done for this years rally, and the Veterans.  You all run a first class operation.  Once again we had a great time and enjoyed it.
Once again, Thank You ever so much.  Please pass our thanks on to your staff also.  We'll see ay at the show in Feb.

With Regards, Semper Fidelis 
Brett K. Yamada 
Sgt.     USMC


Dear Monica,
This is just an e-mail to say thankyou for being at The Colorado Salute To the POW/MIA VETERANS RALLY in Winter Park.  Even though I was in the military from 1968 until 1992 and did not serve in VIETNAM you did give me a heart with a band-aid for Desert Storm.   My wife was impressed with your presence. Vera followed me through 22 years of that 24 year career and she knows what a stressful and diffuclt time military families have and how we were treated because we were military.  People like you remind us that someone really does care about veterans past and present, and that our service time for our country was not in vain.
Hope to see you again at the rally!
Wayne & Vera Neumann


Jim & Pam
Congratulations on an awe inspiring event! The 2007 Salute to American Veterans Rally was unbelievable.  We know how hard Pro-Promotions worked on this event and how both of you were personally involved down to the last detail of everything that happened, and it showed.  Winter Park was the perfect location for the rally, the setting in the mountains fit right into the ceremony and how beautiful and majestic this nation really is.  The ceremony was something words alone cannot describe, we each left with something exceptional from the experience and are better for it. The arrangement of the venders, parade and stage layout assured everyone could be a part of the entire event.  We want to thank you and were truly honored that we were able to be a part of the "Salute to American Veterans Rally".

The Inman Brothers Band


Thanks for letting us have the privilege of bringing the Wall to your area, we were able to reach so many vets and bikers ,with much healing as they were able to see the Wall for themselves, and begin the journey home. God Bless you all,for what was accomplished at "The Wall".

Shirley Doty (one of the partners, and owners of the Wall
and wife of Steve Doty.


This is for Monica Harvey
I was attending the veterans memorial run at Winterpark Colorado last month I went to visit the Wall as I was leaving a lady hugged me and welcomed me home I think it was Monica but I am not sure she gave me a card with her name and the address on it, anyway I came home in 1972, and that was the first welcome home I had received [ except from my family] I cant tell you how much it ment to me.Thank you very much and keep up the good work.  Larry Kline


Hi Guys, 
Really enjoyed the rally this weekend!  We had a group of 13 ride up, everyone enjoyed the new location, room availability and other public accommodations.  Only negatives we parking and traffic flow, but we all realize that will get better with time.  Did not see any news coverage... we were curious about how many folks attended and about how many were in the veterans ride into town.  Looking forward to next year! 
Rick Carver


Just got back from our 4,000 mile trip after the Rally.

The Rally was great and the events even better and had even deeper meanings than before.  I am so glad for the Winter Park site and the way you did what you and Pam always do showed your respect and honor for all veterans and their families.
Thank you both very much.

Mac and Rhonda Cicak


Dear Monica,
You won't remember me I'm sure but I will never forget you!

I'm the 76-year old guy wearing the Korean War ballcap that you hugged at the wall display field outside Fraser, Colorado a week or so ago. In fact you hugged me twice as you said, "Welcome Home!" You brought tears to my eyes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me and for the hundreds and thousands of war veterans you have honored. God will surely have a very special place reserved for you when He calls you home.

I put the pin with the band-aid on it on my cap and I shall keep it there! Many thanks, Little Sis.....you are truly a wonderful person doing more for an untold number of old vets than you could ever imagine.

I know you have many more stars in your crown than you would ever believe! May God continue to Bless You, Monica. A simple Thank You seems so inadequate but it's the best I can come up with!

Clyde Durham
A B-29 Gunner with
26 Combat Missions
Over North Korea
In 1952

We want to "thank you" for your support during the event.  Since I am a decorated Vietnam Vet; I appreciate what you're doing and know the Vets appreciate it as well.

See you in 2008.

Joe Kosoglow


I just wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know that the Kansas American Legion Riders that attended the rally this year all had a great time. The assembly of the Moving Wall and the watching of the Moving Wall, touched a few of us, and it was an honor to do our part and help out any way that we can. We are looking forward to coming back next year! I want to thank you for all that you do to remember our Veterans, and to support our troops. Yes I'm proud to be an American and feel the same as you do when it comes to our men and women who have proudly served our country. Again, thanks so very much for all of your hard work, for it takes alot to put a rally together
Keena Longstaff
American Legion Rider
Post192 Canton, Kansas
Little River Kansas



Thanks for all of your hard work that made this past weekend happen.  I was impressed with your production from the start.  After listening to you speak at the ceremony on Saturday, I realized that you are not only producing an event for veterans, you are leading a gathering of veterans.  I hope you get the chance over the next few days or weeks to reflect on what you accomplished in Winter Park.  I think you and your staff can be proud of bringing the Veteran's Rally to a new town with great results.

I look forward to this event in the coming back in the future.  Please let me know if I can help in any way with upcoming events.

Thanks and best regards,

Jeff Williams
Winter Park Pub


Hi Jim & Pam,
Not much more can be said but Congratulations on a very successful move and event! This was the first time I was actually able to sit and watch the event and it was truly powerful. Debbie and I had a great anniversary thanks to you both of you . The room was fantastic and it was nice to get away.

Thanks again for everything.

Duane Dupree
Director of Sales and Marketing
RMC Distributing



I was sitting there Saturday, listening to the speeches, watching our troops, and enjoying the music.  I know that there isn't another rally that does this as good as Pro-Promotions does and since I am a Veteran, I want to thank you for all that you do.

Ron Hall
ABATE District 2 Rep


Thank you for your gracious invitation, for honoring me among all those
dignitaries, and for the shirt.  Wow!  You had a wonderful event!
I got home at 7:30 tonight.  I sang for the church service at the Wall this

Keep in touch.........
Little sis

Keeping God in the Details


Dear Monica,

My name is Lona Bader, a Blue Star and a Gold Star Mother.  I visted with
you briefly at the Veterans Wall in Fraser, CO last weekend.  I also heard
you sing "Welcome Home" at the service on Sunday morning.  I was deeply
moved by that song and was wondering if you have a CD of it or even send out the words.

The state of Nebraska has graciously honored my son, SSG Daniel A. Bader, as
one of their own Fallen Soldiers even though he had lived in Colorado since
he was ten years old.  He was born in York, NE and is now buried in Palmer,
NE.  He was a "Husker fan" true and blue!!  (I'm also a born and raised
Nebraskan, also).

My living son, 1LT David A. Bader is in the South Carolina National Guard
and is now serving in Afghanistan.    I'm a very proud mom of both my sons.

Any information you could send regarding your song "Welcome Home" would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Lona Bader
4545 N Carefree Cir
Colorado Springs, CO  80917


Jim and Pam:

I wanted to extend my personal Congratulations and Thanks to each of you on behalf of all at AMF for allowing us to participate in this years Salute the Vets Rally.  You both did an exceptional job and we were all privileged to be a part of this years festivities.

The amount of hours, time and money put into this event is beyond comprehension, but you need to know that you reaped the benefit of all of your hard efforts.  It was an exceptional event and heartfelt Congratulations are in order to both of you! 

Sincere thanks!

Debbie Quackenbush, Founder
American Military Family, Inc.
www.AMF100.org <http://www.AMF100.org/>
Thanks to our Military and Their Families
for their Daily Sacrifices for all of Us!



Wonderful event Jim!  We made so many contacts that want to help us that we are overwhelmed right now.  I will be at KOOL 105 tomorrow at 9am for a meeting about a Veterans Concert for next summer.  I am told that the same guy runs the Wolf 92.5 and another station.

The person that is taking me was at our ceremony on Friday and is coming on board with support like crazy.  Of course I have heard great offers before that have not panned out.  I chose to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so I hope it goes well!

I talked to your friend and he is bringing us the tables on Thursday night.  Thank you so much for this generous effort.

William C. Miller USMC (Ret)

"What have I done today worth somebody giving their life for me?"



My Name is Russ, I am the President of the American Legion Riders for district 7

I was so happy to see that the rally this past weekend went so well.  Even after all of Cripple Creeks Propaganda bull sh*t. Congratulations on another successful year for our brothers and sisters!!!!!


Jim & Pam -

Can't tell you how many Winter Park locals approached me and asked, 'will they come back next year??'
It was quite a moving experience for us, having never been to Cripple Creek. We're so happy you came here :) 
Congratulations again - can't wait to talk to the Chamber to see their thoughts on the rally.

Susan Callahan, Innkeeper
Bear Paw Inn 

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