Veterans Rally Featured In New Documentary Film

documentary300Once again, the Salute to American Veterans Rally brings international exposure to the tiny mountain town of Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Brian Anderson is a California-based independent film maker and avid motorcyclist, who is the President of his production company Summer Lake Entertainment. His current movie project is the video documentary “Biker America: God and Country”, which explores the contemporary background of motorcyclists with a focus upon our Armed Forces, Vietnam War Veterans, Patriotic and Constitutional riders, and Faith-Based Motorcycling groups. It is currently being filmed in various locations, and the Cripple Creek Veterans Rally will be a major segment in the movie. The film will be released in 2018.

The Rally Committee members welcome Mr. Anderson to this year’s event and wish him the best of success on his new project.

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 February 2019 13:37